Kenneth Copeland Book – The Blessing of The Lord: Makes Rich and He Adds No Sorrow With It

Why This Kenneth Copeland Book – The Blessing of The Lord: Makes Rich and He Adds No Sorrow With It?

Are You Ready to Transform Your Life into Abundance and Fulfillment?

If you’ve found yourself feeling less than blessed lately, know that there’s a transformative journey awaiting you right now. Embrace the abundance that God has in store for you through THE BLESSING!

THE BLESSING, bestowed upon us by The LORD, is not merely a concept but the very essence of God’s divine plan for each one of us. Despite common misconceptions, it’s not in His will for you to live a life plagued by sickness, poverty, and isolation. Instead, He desires to enrich every facet of your existence – from your health to your finances, from your relationships to your overall well-being.

In this enlightening journey, you will embark upon a profound exploration, uncovering truths that will revolutionize your understanding of God’s intentions for His people:

– Discover the blueprint of God’s original design for human flourishing.
– Unravel the divine strategy to restore THE BLESSING after the fall of man.
– Tap into the inherent empowerment bestowed upon you by God for your success.
– Explore the pivotal role of Jesus in connecting us to the boundless abundance of THE BLESSING.
– Understand why THE BLESSING transcends both the spiritual and material realms.
– Learn how to embody the living testament of God’s promises to others.
– Delve into the foundational principle of love that underpins the operation of THE BLESSING.

Living in THE BLESSING isn’t merely a suggestion – it’s the very heart of God’s desire for you, extending back to the dawn of creation. Through this profound revelation, you’ll gain clarity and insight, unlocking the full spectrum of blessings that God has ordained for your life.

Embrace the truth and step into the blessed life of peace, joy, and abundance that awaits you on this extraordinary journey!

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