Kenneth Copeland Book – God, The Covenant and the Contradiction: Accessing God’s Promises of Healing, Peace and Provision

Why This Kenneth Copeland Book – God, The Covenant and the Contradiction?

Is it conceivable for mortal humanity to forge a personal connection, or perhaps even commune intimately, with the Divine? Can fallen beings find their way back to the paradisiacal state of Eden?

Ecclesiastes 1:7 poetically illustrates the interconnectedness of all things, stating, “All the rivers run into the sea.” This profound imagery echoes throughout the sacred scriptures, delineating a journey that originates in the splendor of Eden and culminates in the resplendent tableau of Revelation, where the throne of the Almighty stands as the focal point. This journey is symbolized by the crimson flow of divine blood covenants, forged by the hand of the Creator.

Throughout the annals of time, nations and individuals have entered into blood covenants, albeit as mere echoes of the sacred compacts sealed by the eternal God to redeem His fallen creation. These sacred bonds, spanning eternity, lay the supernatural groundwork for God’s covenant people to transcend earthly limitations and adversities.

From the patriarch Abraham to the royal lineage of David, to the consummation of the New Covenant through the sacrificial Lamb of God, who absolved the sins of the world, the tapestry of God’s eternal blood covenants of redemption and renewal unfolds. Delve into the depths of these divine pacts and uncover the full magnitude of what the Almighty has wrought for humanity. Learn how to thrive and flourish in the boundless power of your eternal covenant, embracing a life of triumph and abundance in every aspect―spiritually, mentally, physically, financially, and socially.

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