Andrew Wommack Book – The New You and The Holy Spirit

Why Andrew Wommack Book – The New You and The Holy Spirit?

Understanding the significance of accepting Jesus as your Savior is crucial. This comprehension safeguards the Word planted in your heart from being seized by Satan. Salvation entails more than just the forgiveness of sins; it marks the commencement of a deeper fellowship with God. Transitioning into a disciple of Jesus involves grasping the distinctiveness of Christianity, comprehending God’s perspective on past, present, and future sins, and exploring further aspects.

The role of the Holy Spirit is indispensable for living out the abundant life provided by Jesus. Jesus’ disciples transformed from feeble and fearful individuals to vessels of God’s miraculous power upon receiving the Holy Spirit. This empowerment is accessible to all who believe in the truth of the Bible. Andrew elucidates the significance of speaking in tongues, delineates the array of accompanying gifts, reveals lesser-known benefits, and provides guidance on initiating the practice.

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