Seeds Of Destiny 12 May 2024: Love, A Pathway To Fruitfulness

Dunamis Seeds Of Destiny 12 May 2024 Devotional By Dr. Paul Enenche: Love, A Pathway To Fruitfulness

TOPIC: Love, A Pathway To Fruitfulness (Seeds Of Destiny 12 May 2024)

SCRIPTURE: Looking diligently lest any man fail of the grace of God; lest any root of bitterness springing up trouble you, and thereby many be defiled. Hebrew 12:15.

THOUGHT FOR THE DAYS: Love attracts fruitfulness, but bitterness forbids fruitfulness.

Seeds Of Destiny For Today 2024 MESSAGE:

Many years ago, I heard a story from a servant of God who was ministering to a woman in Kano, Nigeria.

This woman had been trusting God for the fruit of the womb for about 13 years, so she came to see the man of God for prayer.

And the man of God asked her, “What do you want?”
She said, “I want the fruit of the womb”
Then, by Word of knowledge, the man of God told her, “God said you should go and forgive your husband.”

She has been offended and embittered by her husband.
In obedience to the pastor’s counsel, she went and forgave her husband.
Miraculously, she became pregnant.

Beloved, can you see? Bitterness forbids fruitfulness.
I came once across a story that was told by Zig Ziglar. He talked about an experiment involving the emotion of animals and their milk production.

In a dairy farm, it was discovered that when an animal was stroked at the back and spoken good words to, the milk that flowed out of it was plenty and sweet. Very voluminous quantity of milk poured out.

But when the animal was maltreated, hit roughly or spoken to harshly, the flow of milk was scanty, bitter, and sour. This is because what is happening in your mind affects what can come out of your life. Love attracts fruitfulness, bitterness forbids fruitfulness.

REMEMBER THIS: Love attracts fruitfulness, bitterness forbids fruitfulness.


  1. Make up your mind to forgive those who offended you so you can be fruitful in life.
  2. Refuse to carry offence in your heart; refuse to reflect on past offences and negative statements of people.

PRAYER: Father, I receive the grace to live in love and forgiveness. I release from my heart today everyone that has offended me, Lord, in Jesus’ Name.



QUOTE: Bitterness reduces your productivity and fruitfulness. It reduces what comes out of your life. It could either be in the area of the works of your hand or the fruit of your body. Culled from the book, “Am I Bitter?” by Dr(Mrs) Becky Enenche.

DAILY READING: Psalm 10-12.

AMAZING FACT: Bamboo is the fastest-growing woody plant in the world; it can grow 35 inches in a single day.

PROPHETIC WORD (DECLARATION): Receive the grace to walk in fruitfulness, in Jesus’ Name.

Today’s devotional was written by Pastor Paul Enenche of the Dunamis International Gospel Centre (DIGC), headquartered at Abuja, Nigeria, with Pastor Paul and Becky Enenche, as the Senior Pastors. It is a power-packed arena where God’s Presence, Principles and Power are at work for the salvation, healing and restoration of human destinies and dignities.

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