The Leverage Devotional by Apostle Segun Obadje 5July 2024: Established In The Word Of Faith (2)​

The Leverage Devotional by Apostle Segun Obadje 5July 2024: Established In The Word Of Faith (2)

Leverage Devotional For Today Message:

In the process of growing our faith to a point of full persuasion like Abraham, we need to pay attention to the substance of our faith. The place of full persuasion is a place where the enemy’s mockery does not make sense anymore and you can boldly resolve that God alone be true and all men and circumstances be liars. Recall that the faith of Abraham also went through series of tests and processes before it matured. Before handling his testimony in the person of Isaac, Abraham’s faith had been at a low point where he agreed to sleep with his wife’s maid and he bore Ishmael. Abraham’s faith was not perfected in a day but he consistently grew his faith until he got to the point that nothing could stagger him anymore.

As a believer, the fundamental key to growing your faith and holding on to whatever God has said concerning you is by ‘Eating the Word’. This takes a process of finding what to eat, preparing it well until it is edible and ready for consumption. The journey of faith requires due diligence of giving attention to the Word and searching through the pages of the Scripture until you find the very word that resonates in your spirit; that is, the Rhema of God, coming to you with exact knowledge. This cannot be achieved if there is no schedule or a lifestyle of digging into God’s Word and studying along specific matters to get the Word of God that is custom-made for your situation.

It is not enough to gather confessions on healing or financial prosperity if that is what you are believing God for. You need to do an intensive study, meditate on the Word till your soul understands it well and you are convinced that you have been healed or blessed. At this point, the symptoms or the state of your bank account does not move you anymore nor get you to think differently from God’s Word. If in your journey of faith, you are still being staggered when your physical reality stares you in the face, what you need is to keep digging into the Word; search the Word, hear the Word and keep speaking it to yourself. Wage a good warfare until faith arises in you with a definite word and you can scream; “this is my word! No one can talk me out of it!” Then, you become fully persuaded. No contrary feeling or opinion matters anymore. The process of your miracle is completed when your faith gets into the zone of rejoicing and giving glory to God because you are fully persuaded.

My Solid Front (Confession)
I declare that I am a doer of the Word. I give attention to the Word and search out the truth by constant study and meditation on the scriptures till my heart is baptized with the understanding of God’s intent for me per time. I give myself to the Word unto full persuasion always in Jesus’ name. Amen.


Further Meditation: Proverbs 4:20-23, Matthew 13:18-23


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Leverage Devotional 2024 Devotional was written by Apostle Segun Obadje (ph.D),  the Set Man of God’s Love Tabernacle International Church. He is a New Testament Apostle and Teacher of the Word of God’s Grace and the Testimony of Jesus Christ. 

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