The Leverage Devotional by Apostle Segun Obadje 15 FEBRUARY 2024: Make the Most of Your Time

The Leverage Devotional by Apostle Segun Obadje 15 FEBRUARY 2024: Make the Most of Your Time

Leverage Devotional For Today Message:

Time is God’s gift to man with which we can either make our lives count or count our lives. Time always offers the opportunity to become who you were designed to be. You could either make the most of time or waste it. Every success in life is achieved within the framework of time. Our lives were designed by God to unfold in time. Therefore, every time you have must be invested in doing the right thing. There are different phases, defined by times and seasons, in the life of a man and these phases are towards the fulfilment of destiny. Ephesians 5:16 tells us to redeem the time and this simply means to use the time for what it is meant for. If you are doing the right thing at the wrong time, you are not redeeming the time. If, as a student, you use your reading time to sleep, you are not redeeming the time. A little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the arms to rest, and poverty will come as an armed man (Proverbs 6:10-11). Any man who does not have specific timing for the activities of his life cannot fulfil destiny.

There are appointed times for certain things to happen. Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 lists various things which a man must do in their time. Lamentations 3:27 also says the time when you should bear a yoke – in your youth. Don’t wait until you are old, and your strength is gone before you attempt to bear your yoke. There is a time of sowing and a time of reaping. There is a time to work and a time to rest from your work. If you do not redeem the time, you will bear the consequences. When you wake up each morning, plan your day. Don’t leave your life to run by circumstances. Take charge of your life; take charge of what your time is used for. Be deliberate about the things you invest your time into because you will become a product of your time investment. Don’t have time for everything. A wise man does not have time for everything. Have time for something specific. Be deliberate in using your time specifically to either prepare for or fulfil your calling, destiny and assignment. God has given you the wisdom to manage your life. The Bible says Jotham became mighty because he prepared his way before the Lord (2 Chronicles 27:6). Take time to prepare and organise your life. Don’t be busy doing nothing. Be busy with your calling and purpose in life. This is how to make the most of your time and of your life. When you use your 24 hours a day and 365 days a year well, you will enter your divine opportunity. Beloved, use your time well.

I refuse to allow my life to run the way it likes. I will run it according to God’s plan and purpose for me. By the wisdom of God in me, I redeem the time using each day and hour of my life for what it is meant for in Jesus’ name. Amen.

FURTHER MEDITATION: Psalm 90:12; Proverbs 6:4-11

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Leverage Devotional 2024 Devotional was written by Apostle Segun Obadje (ph.D),  the Set Man of God’s Love Tabernacle International Church. He is a New Testament Apostle and Teacher of the Word of God’s Grace and the Testimony of Jesus Christ. 

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