The Leverage Devotional by Apostle Segun Obadje 14 FEBRUARY 2024: Season and Purpose

The Leverage Devotional by Apostle Segun Obadje 14 FEBRUARY 2024: Season and Purpose

Leverage Devotional For Today Message:

In life, things and seasons go together; time and purpose are two inseparable entities. Every season is pregnant with things that God has cut out for that season and things He has prepared for us to birth a new phase of our lives. What is Season? Season is a duration of time or an appointed time that God sets aside to bring you into certain things. For example, there is a season of breastfeeding a new born child, and what is reserved for that child in that season is milk. Now, when the child grows up, he outgrows milk and begins to eat solid meat or food. If you feed that child with solid food when he is in the season of being fed with breast milk, the child will suffocate and die. That means there are things we cannot handle outside their appointed time. There is always an appointed time that God has set aside for us to enjoy certain things in life; and that’s why it is important to discern your God-given season, and to make the most of every opportunity which comes your way to prepare for your appointed season. You will not miss your due season in Jesus’ Name!

Good judgment of time and purpose comes from God. It is God that gives us the understanding of time and purpose. Walking with God by keeping steps with Him trains our hearts to be discerning to know times and seasons. The Word tells us about the children of Issachar that they understood times and seasons, and they knew what Israel ought to do at the time. Though they were few, yet all their brethren were at their command.  Understanding times and seasons gives us the leverage to stand ahead of others, particularly our peers. You will stand ahead of your generation, and you will take the lead when you discern times and seasons correctly. It is important you are discerning enough to know the time that you are in. Don’t be carried away with what time is saying chronologically; but look at time according to God’s divine purpose and His prophetic calendar for your life. Be filled with the Spirit of God as you pray and study the Word that you might be able to redeem the time, for the days are evil.

My Solid Front (Confession):
In the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I declare that my times and seasons are in the hands of the Lord. I am sensitive to my appointed times and seasons, walking in wisdom, redeeming the days, and making the most of my life’s appointed opportunities. Amen.

Further Meditation: Ephesians 5:15-18; 1 Chronicles 12:32

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Leverage Devotional 2024 Devotional was written by Apostle Segun Obadje (ph.D),  the Set Man of God’s Love Tabernacle International Church. He is a New Testament Apostle and Teacher of the Word of God’s Grace and the Testimony of Jesus Christ. 

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