Redeemed Hymn – 57 Begin, My Soul, Some Heav’nly Theme

Redeemed Hymn – 57 Begin, My Soul, Some Heav’nly Theme

“With my mouth will I make known thy faithfulness” Ps. 89:1


1 Begin, my soul, some heav’nly theme;

Awake, my voice and sing

The mighty works, or mightier name

Of our eternal king.

2 Tell of His wondrous faithfulness

And sound His power abroad,

Sing the sweet promise of His grace

And the performing God.

3 Proclaim salvation from the Lord,

For wretched, dying men;

His hand hath writ the sacred world

With an immortal pen.


    4 Engraved as in eternal brass

    The mighty promise shines;

    Nor can the powers of darkness rase

    Those everlasting lines.


    5 His every word of grace strong

    As that which built the skies;

    The voice that rolls the stars along

    Speaks all the promises.


    6 Now shall my fainting heart rejoice

    To know thy favour sure.

    I trust the all-creating voice,

    And faith desires no more.


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